Monday, December 20, 2010

I MiSSing YoU..nAuI CHinGu(my friend)

yesterday i have reunion at my hometon.. n9
hmm.. but i can't go there bcoz i have other work to do here...
they post the picture at the facebook .. wa.. my school is changing 100 % from 5 year ago..
what i think just now.. is that ..I'm already old..uhuk..what to do.. the time passed by and we can't even knowing that.. if i have power to stop it.. i want to go back to the time i was in school ~~~ studying without any other problem that i need to think..hick..
when we getting more old.. there more problem that we must face..right???hem.. what can i say..hwaiting..

i hope i can~~

ps..kita mesti x sedar sebenar nyer life ni macam drama .. cume kiter je yang x ambil kisah..cube lihat balik ape yang kite dah hadapi selama kite hidup ni.. mesti ade sikit2 cam kat drama kat tv tu kan???hihi.. life~~~is interesting actually~~right??


  1. hidup macam drama sbb drama dibuat berdasarkan sebuah kehidupan.. =)


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