Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NoW wE In ObsTEtRIc And GneacoLoGy PoStIng!!!

this is the last block in our medical curriculum before we having "grand" exam~~
our lecture become more full than other day~~
i wonder why..
the face that i never seen before seem attend to the lecture..
they are so weird..
human being i think..hihihi
actually this block is very exciting~~
even i don't really tolerated with kid
but i love to meet a woman call mother..

yesterday im going to ward with my roommate..
we clerk patient that will have c section today~~
she is so sporting..
actually she was very nervous because the next day there were an operation waiting for her..
but in the same time she look very happy waiting for her second child~~
she a modern mother and i seem like to meet a people like her..
so today maybe she already had her new family member..
how sweet..
hmmm..mother who are give birth ..
even the procedure to deliver us give a great painful for them..
but we still can breath and live in this world because of them~~
thanks mom~~hihihihi

chinja saranghae eomma!!
kamsahaeyo ~~~

credit not minehihihi


  1. wahh.. x saba nak tunggu anak gee.. hehe

  2. ush..lambat lagi tuh..ush~~~


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