Thursday, May 6, 2010


today someone offer me to join her to travel all over the peninsular malaysia.. i feel a very big of pleasure..hahak...(ape yang aku tulih ni??wae??)this event was call backpack.. only 3 of us.. i think i will join that activity.. it such a waste if only study in my youth day.. oehtoekae??

to relieve my tension i think i must!!! take this opportunity .. omg!! i can't wait that day!! back pack mean that we travel on our own foot..our own money..without any plan..with a few cloth and food.. just walking at a very foreign place.. there we can improve our communication skill..hihi..and the possibility to lost is very high so can ask anyone at that place .. right.. malaysian is popular with their kindness.. except for some people.. how come.. actually my father support me when i want to join this activity.. thanks cik talib.. he said that we must taste the world with our own effort.. wow!!! cik talib daisukidayo!!

if no resistant we will start the activity after "uri" exam about 3 week from now after the intervention at district kota baru..hihi.. we choose "uri" first backpack place at the kuala terengganu famous with heavenly beach!!! eohteokae!!! i wanna enjoy my youth.. insyaAllah i will protect myself.. i have silat baldi ok!!hak2.. just joking.. i think there are no problem as long as we know "uri" limit.. right??

there are many benefit to do such thing of activity..because of i always seen as shy, untalkative , passive person.. i will get rid off that title..yeah!! i willllll!!!!(penoh semangat!!)..hak2..

* uri mean we in korean~~ u know i addicted to korean,,hak2..

ok.. annheong!!!!!!hasaeyo.. gee imnida!!!!!!!
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