Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NoW wE In ObsTEtRIc And GneacoLoGy PoStIng!!!

this is the last block in our medical curriculum before we having "grand" exam~~
our lecture become more full than other day~~
i wonder why..
the face that i never seen before seem attend to the lecture..
they are so weird..
human being i think..hihihi
actually this block is very exciting~~
even i don't really tolerated with kid
but i love to meet a woman call mother..

yesterday im going to ward with my roommate..
we clerk patient that will have c section today~~
she is so sporting..
actually she was very nervous because the next day there were an operation waiting for her..
but in the same time she look very happy waiting for her second child~~
she a modern mother and i seem like to meet a people like her..
so today maybe she already had her new family member..
how sweet..
hmmm..mother who are give birth ..
even the procedure to deliver us give a great painful for them..
but we still can breath and live in this world because of them~~
thanks mom~~hihihihi

chinja saranghae eomma!!
kamsahaeyo ~~~

credit not minehihihi

Friday, December 24, 2010

JuSt NoThInG...

my friend ask me why write blog.. such a long phrase that i need to type..hmm.. i also wonder why???hem.. i like to write all my thought..about..hmm.. all~~

i like to write and i don't care if other party want to read this blog or not.. just to release my emo~~ hihi.. sometime when i feel bored and doing nothing i just come here and give, write and do anything i want to do including change background music hihi(memang xde keje~~)..

when i write here nobody know except 3 people who know whose blog is this~~hihi.. hope they are still have interest to share something with me and read this blog~~kenyang na chua(i just like it)..hihi..kumawoyo chinguya(thanks friend)

actually today i just finish my cfcs exam ..essay..WOW.. daebak!!hihi.. its not so difficult..the other story is at the first time in my university life.. we dental student will have our holiday start about early April to late august.. omo~~~ isnt it daebak(big hit!!).. what i will do in that long duration of time??? argh.. i cant wait anymore..oh god.. please let time passed by slowly before that holiday because i will attend the biggest exam ever..arghh...that are so thriller here!!! my body start to chill and a bit rigor even i went think about it..my life is full of exam~~~uhuk~~~

do well ok!! arasseo!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I MiSSing YoU..nAuI CHinGu(my friend)

yesterday i have reunion at my hometon.. n9
hmm.. but i can't go there bcoz i have other work to do here...
they post the picture at the facebook .. wa.. my school is changing 100 % from 5 year ago..
what i think just now.. is that ..I'm already old..uhuk..what to do.. the time passed by and we can't even knowing that.. if i have power to stop it.. i want to go back to the time i was in school ~~~ studying without any other problem that i need to think..hick..
when we getting more old.. there more problem that we must face..right???hem.. what can i say..hwaiting..

i hope i can~~

ps..kita mesti x sedar sebenar nyer life ni macam drama .. cume kiter je yang x ambil kisah..cube lihat balik ape yang kite dah hadapi selama kite hidup ni.. mesti ade sikit2 cam kat drama kat tv tu kan???hihi.. life~~~is interesting actually~~right??
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