Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who Are DeNtIsT>> AnD WhO WiLl i BeCoMiNg???

words of wisdom of the year for us, future DENTIST

We cures your diseases like doctor
We designs bridges like engineer
We instructs you like teacher
We stitches the gums like tailor
We extracts roots like mathematician
We builds up the tooth like builder
We always cleans the mouth like sweeper
We polishes the surfaces like painter
We increases confident in you like psychiatrist
We carves like sculpturist
We beautifies your face like beautician
We drills the tooth like carpenter
We drains pus like sewer
We makes movie like filmmaker
We open an account like banker
We make nothing to a thing like magician
We can make your face become pretty like plastic surgeon

We honors you to have a crown
and makes you to smile like a clown
Remember We could make you bankrupt too!!(HEHEHE..MONEY2~~ maybe not me..^^)
but like a judge with justISE.

SO in easy word we are 1001 in 1..hihi
pray for us..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hoho.. Dah TamPal MuLuT OrG suda~~

dah dua kali aku tampal gigi orang...
class 3 composite..
layman term nyer..
tampal gigi depan dgn filling yang sama dgn warne gigi..
rase cam buat magik jer..
hambe bahagiee...
ye la org dtg gigi ade hitam..
kite gerudi!! sesikit.. pastu tampal..
wow!! tara!!! magik latu~~
yang paling seronoknyer..
patiet suka and nak datang lagi..^^ wuhu~~

selain tampal gigi org ni..
ade gak aku buat scaling..
buang karang gigi..
dah 3 kali jugak la..
pastu ade gak aku ajar sesikit diorang cara berus gigi, diet yang betul ..
ade sorang patient..
datang dengan gingivitis yang teruk.. peratus tahi gigi..erk!!(plaque score)89%
pastu aku bleh reducekan ke 14.5%..

aku suke la kerjaya ni..
walaupon banyak gile requirement aku..
aku akan cube usahakan...
gee hwaiting..
gee daebak!!!
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