Sunday, October 28, 2012

ToDaY MeaL.. broccoli + mayonnaise


what is your meal today??
today my meal..

broccoli and mayonnaise 

broccoli and mayonnaise..
this recipe is what i got from my chinese friend.
and is totally awesome..!!
those who can't tolerate with bitter vegetable.. this bushy vege.. can be one of your choice..
not bitter at all..^^
sometime i eat it raw.. some time i just soak it in hot water in a few minute.. and then eat it with mayonnaise
you can also use this vege for soup or fried it..


there are many benefit for you eat this BUSHY VEGE for your BETTER health
1. Helps fight and prevent cancer
There is sufficient evidence suggesting that broccoli has strong anti-carcinogens most especially breast and uterine cancer.
so good for woman..right??
2. Helps in detoxification
Vitamin C, sulphur and amino acids contained in broccoli make this vegetable potent for detoxification. It removes harmful free radicals and toxins in the body, purifies the bloodstream and thereby prevents rheumatism, boils, skin diseases, rashes, and other conditions related to accumulation of toxins.
so no need for botox injection (antipenuaan).. wuahaha.. 
3. Helps prevent heart diseases
it help lower down bad cholesterol levels and maintain proper heart function and health. Broccoli is also known to promote proper insulin and regulate blood sugar levels, thereby regulating blood pressure.
for the stress people.. come near and eat it.. for sure less risk for heart disease..^^
4. Promotes a healthy digestive system
Broccoli can cure constipation due to high fiber content.. and then who are prone to get peptic ulcer disease are advice to take this vege.. it help reduce gastric juice.. ^^
5. For healthy, strong bones
The vegetables with high calcium content. Along with other minerals, calcium helps promote better bone health and also strong TEETH. so it have benefit for the elder, the pregnant, and the nursing mom.
and who don't like to drink milk can eat this also ma~~
6. Increases immunity levels
It toughens up your immune system to help the body fight diseases and infections just like superman and wonderwomen..^^.
7. Helps fight anemia
It helps increase iron(not iron your baju^^) levels in your body.
8. Promotes healthy eyes and prevents cataract
Broccoli is rich in zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, phosphorus, vitamin A and other vitamins that give your eye helthy and shiny2..^^
9. For healthy, beautiful skin
Rich in vitamin.. maybe you can have better skin than ha ji won^^ and then can apply for KPOP audition or maybe MPOP..(wuarghhahaha..just joking..) 



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